Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's be honest.

I won't wear my retainer every night. Hardly once a month even. I can't always get up to take my contacts out before bed. I floss once a week. I can't not Facebook stalk and I can't always be in the mood. As much as I want to, I can't bring myself to go buy more hair dye to cover the blonde peeking through and I don't have time for a trim every two weeks. Despite good intentions I tan once a month and work out even less. I cry when I say I don't, which is nearly every time. And let's not even bring up homework. For all the things I wish I could do, I can't even do what I need to. Everyone knows flossing is important for oral health and wearing my contacts to bed has been really bad for my eyes according to the eye doctor. Yet I don't. I am a bit lazy. I will admit that. But maybe I'm just so set on being who I am I won't change. Maybe that's why I can't move on because even though I know I have changed and everyone else has, I refuse to believe things can't be the same. Where's the wake up call?

I just learned what some of these keys do. Look at this! [ ] \ { }| ^ ~ `§ σ ô

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